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Spiritual Reading

Personal Readings are done face to face where you come to me.
With the help of either Tarot cards or Crystals I will read for you.

Skype Readings are also available for those who can’t travel but prefer face to face experience.

Mediumship readings are when the person seeking the reading is coming to connect specifically with those loved ones who have passed over.
I use the Crystal Ball and Pendant to connect to the spirit for these readings

These readings also include a small numerology reading which helps in determining personality traits which often cause us to continually make the same mistakes in life.

Once these are recognised, they can help us in making relevant changes in our lives.

A Reading of any sort is spiritual and intuitive guidance that I receive on your behalf by using Crystals, the cards or any other means, as a focal point.

Although sometimes readings don´t make sense at the time ,
they may reveal something in the near future so please keep an open mind.

Your choices are your own free will. I hope that the guidance will assist you in your decision making .
It is not intended to take away your power to decide on anything.