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Spiritual Healing

Sometimes described as spiritual healing, is offered to compliment conventional medicine – treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

The belief is that the energy is passed into your body by the healer and will go to wherever it is needed.
Francesco has been giving healing to patients from all over Melbourne since 2001.

Over the years clients have reported positive results after receiving healing from Francesco for a wide range of issues including emotional support and well-being, physical pain in various forms, stress and depression.

Healing can also be a great ‘pick-me-up’ if your energy is low and feeling physically or emotionally drained.

The experience of Energy Healing is different for each person.
Most people feel heat during the treatment and benefit from a relaxing sensation, releasing tension and stimulating self-healing.
The effects can be profound.

I will rest my hands on (or slightly above) various locations on your body and the natural healing energy is directed throughout the body to where it is needed most.
A gentle massage using essential oils  which will produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well-being.
Relax and soothe away those aches, pains and worries.