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Palmistry Readings

Palmistry Reading 

Palmistry provides a comprehensive life picture.

Francesco can tell you a overall evaluation of your life’s past and the direction you are heading towards.

Francesco says the line of the palm are a alien print, this helps us identify who we really are.

At the beginning of your life both hand line prints would be the same, but as life’s journey changes so does your line’s, more in one hand than the other.

The reason this happens is because we tend to change life’s path.

During the Palmistry session, Francesco will channel the energy to the recipient through their hands and provide a detail reading of each Palm.

Either Client being present or not, Francesco will send his energy to you and will go wherever it is needed – this is not always where a physical symptom is located, as the healing may need to work on another level first, for example, on an emotional blockage.
Once this energy blockage is dissolved, balance and health will return to the body.

At the End of the Reading you suddenly realise and understand what the lines in your Palm really mean and see yourself in a new and revealing light.

This will bring healing to one’s mind.

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Palmistry Reading either in person, over the telephone or via Face Time (Skype, WhatsApp etc)™.

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