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Hello and welcome to my website..

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you find it useful and informative about the services I provide.

I hope to meet you soon when we can begin our journey together through Spiritual Direction, Reading and Healing.

During the session, I blend cognitive awareness, intuition, and energy work.

Channelling personal gifts of compassion, intuition, candour, and humour, he enables a unique and powerful space for others to discover their true purpose and direction.

I also have many recommendations from satisfied clients who refer friends, colleagues and family.

I am able to tune in intuitively and pick up also on physical and emotional situations surrounding my clients.

I work on all levels by assisting clients individually or on a corporate level.

Each is unique in their own way.

Let me help you realise a much healthier life for yourself!


I listen to my clients and I listen to Spirit.  Often I can be thinking that a particular choice will be the best for a client but as I tap into Spirit to get their guidance, what comes out is exactly what the client needs and is able to understand and implement.

In Spiritual Direction session is the emphasis on wholeness, dealing with the whole person and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of one self.


To get in touch with any spirit/s that may be surrounding at this time, including your Spirit Guide.

A Three Months Forecast – Considers current issues and any obstacle in your way.
Examines the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? What I am doing?

One Year Ahead – Examines your head, your heart, the work/activities you do daily and your financial returns.

Relationships – This allows you to look at important relationships. Many people focus on love and romance whilst others look at family or friends.

Career  – Looks at your career and where you are heading. It reviews the past and what lies behind your successes or difficulties.

Believe –  That the most important factor to consider when having a psychic reading is to have an open mind, use your own judgement and make appropriate decisions which are important to you and to cover any issues you feel need to be covered.

True – Always be prepared to hear the truth; even if it is perhaps something you do not wish to hear but know in your heart it is for the best.

Positivity –  Is the key factor in any reading and I believe people are automatically drawn to a reader that they have a connection with.


Cleanse your aura and chakras of unwanted negative energy.

A lot of people who are energy sensitive can feel that over time they need to be cleansed from external influences and often this can cause many unwanted feelings.

Works with the body’s natural energy centre’s to help bring the mind and body into balance and to release blocked energy.

Crystals are a natural and safe way to retune your mind, body and spirit. Using the right crystal vibration can help to restore health, well-being and balance working on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and physiological.

This unique healing combines the lovely energies of Mother Earth and the Divine Essence channelled through special crystal palm stones to give you a deep and relaxing healing. It works on all levels as a combined healing energy, getting to the cause of a problem and clearing negative blocks to help restore the natural flow of your energy.

Balancing and restoring health to your Chakra’s and using the Reiki to channel the energy through your body.