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Powerful Spiritual Counsellor, Reader and Healer

Francesco is a gifted psychic, healer, clairvoyant and medium with many years of experience. He is a fourth generation Italian psychic reader and healer and first realised he had a gift as a young boy at the age of 7 years.

I was born under the sign of Leo and like my sign I am very connected to the Sun, which gives me the energy source to heal through my hands.
I am ambitious, creative and optimistic and dedicate to the work I do.
I am always being told by my clients, family and friends that they always feel better when they have spoken to me as a result of this.
I am very passionate about my work, as my work is reflection of myself.
I am a true perfectionist in lots of ways as I like to make sure that everyone around me is settled and satisfied and this does come out in my readings and also within my own family life.
I aim to give personal readings, tailored to each individual. I have an empathic and understanding approach.
I always strive to maintain that like a true Leo “honesty is the best policy” and always do my very best to guide and help on a professional level.

Spiritual Direction
It is through spiritual connection with the Divine that he can guide you through life’s struggles whether it relates to love, relationships or career.
The role of spiritual counselling is to help us remove the barriers we have created that keep us from remembering who we are, keep us from loving ourselves as Divine does, and from connecting to Divine within on a consistent basis.

Spiritual Reading
Francesco has also been working with Tarot cards for many years.
A reading with Francesco will take you on a journey from the past, the present and offer insight to future possibilities. To open your heart to your true potential and help find happiness.

Spiritual Healing
As a Healer Francesco believes you must balance your mind, body and spirit;
This helps the body emotionally or spiritually.
His Healing techniques is from an old Italian tradition that is similar to Energy Healing or as we know it today ‘Reiki’.
Most people say they feel lighter, calmer and more energetic after a Healing from Francesco.

To allow the body to let go and enhance the blood circulation and better aligns the body.
To help activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and motional well-being.

Francesco also specialise in Reiki, Chakra, Crystal and Aura healing.